The Don’ts of Visiting Berlin, Germany

With Numerous Museums, Sights & Nightlife Berlin has tons to offer travelers. Here we talk about what you shouldn’t do when you visit Berlin. From Not worrying about your travel budget, because Berlin is an affordable world capital to not skipping out on some of the local treats like Currywurst. Here are the Don’ts of Visiting Berlin, Germany.

  • Don’t Expect to See Old World Germany: Berlin is an international city that has been torn apart by history and reunified over the past couple decades. The city has so much to offer, but it is not half-timbered houses, it is modern architecture and spirit, this is not Bavara, it is Berlin.
  • Don’t Think Berlin Has One Center: There are actually three centers of Berlin. The west’s center is near Zoologisher Garten, while the east center is around Alexanderplatz and the new center is by the modern rebuild Potsdamer Platz.
  • Don’t forget to Eat Currywurst: this Berlin institution is a bratwurst chopped up and drowned in curry ketchup. It may not look good, but it tastes delicious.
  • Don’t Expect to See a Lot of the Berlin Wall Where It Used to Be: Most of the Berlin wall has been torn down, but there are a few places where you can still see it where it originally was located. The Eastside Gallery by the Ostbahnhof is one location and another is by the Topography of Terror installation between Check Point Charlie and Potsdamer Platz.
  • Don’t Use Taxis: the public transporation system in Berlin is perfect for tourists. The S-Bahn (overland train), the U-Bahn (subway), Busses, and Trams can take you everywhere throughout town. So, using a taxi is not needed, unless you have a very early morning flight.
  • Don’t Skip Out on Paying for your S-Bahn Ticket: there are no turn styles for getting on the S-Bahn so some people just hop on without paying. Don’t do that, there are undercover ticket checkers who do random checks on the trains throughout the day. So avoid a fine and pay for your Tageskarte or day ticket.
  • Don’t Forget to Go Up to the Dome of the Reichstag: The German Parliament (Reichstag) has a cool tour and you can go up to the top and walk up the dome and look into the parliament chambers.
  • Don’t Forget to Eat Non-German Food: Berlin has some tasty German treats, but with the large inflow of immigrants throughout the past 60 years Berlin is teaming with tons of Greek, Turkish, Spanish, Indian and other nationalities’ restaurants. So let your taste buds enjoy!
  • Don’t Jaywalk: if you are walking around Berlin you will see cute little Ampelmann (the people that tell you to walk or don’t walk on traffic lights) and jaywalking isn’t a good idea in Berlin, unless you want a grandma to give you a scolding.
  • Don’t Disrespect the Jewish Memorial: A number of tourists have taken to using the Jewish Memorial to be a Instagram stop on their visit to Berlin. Make sure you be respectful there as planking and parkouring really are not what a memorial is meant for.
  • Don’t Skip Out on the Museums & Sights: The nightlife in Berlin is awesome, but so are the numerous museums and sights. From the Pergamum Museum, to the Bodes Museum, to the Checkpoint Charlie Museum to the Brandenburg Gate and Charlottenburg Palace, Berlin has more sights than you can see in a weekend visit.
  • Don’t Forget to Note Where Your Train or Plane Arrives and Departs from, They May Be Different: Berlin has multiple train stations and airports, so make sure you pay attention to which station or airport is yours.

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The Don’ts of Berlin

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