Hey There Fellow Travelers!

Do you want HONEST travel advice without all the extra fluff? Do you want to get the most out of your travel experience? Do you want first hand experience from actual travelers who have spent decades traveling the world? We are a family of four who have worked, studied, lived, were born, and traveled around the world and we want to share our mistakes, adventures, tips and advice with other travelers. We were tired of guidebooks copying off of each other, travel vloggers who only did backflips off of cliffs and used drone footage instead of actual cultural or travel advice. We want to help travelers get the most out of their travel experience and we hope you enjoy the journey! Happy Travels!

Here are a few videos to give you a better idea about who we are in Wolters World.

10 Things That SHOCK You about Wolters World

Filmed in Oslo, Norway


5 Things That You Will Love & Hate about Wolters World

Filmed in a Few Places Around the World


How Did Mark & Jocelyn Meet

Filmed in Cuzco, Peru

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