10 Shocks of Visiting Venice, Italy

From Walking above flooded streets, to walking the streets with some of the other 20 million tourists that to sardine sauce on your pasta, Venice has a lot that can shock a tourist in a good way and a not so good way. That’s why we have the 10 things that SHOCK tourists when they come to Venice, Italy. Venezia is an amazing island city that tourists have enjoyed for years, so please watch and enjoy us covering some of the best things to do in Venice, the culture shocks to look out for and some fun in the Veneto city of Venice.

The Shocks of Venice

#0. How Beautiful Venice Really Is: from the Grand Canal to Piazza San Marco & So much more, Venice is a truly beautiful city.

#1. How Many Tourists Visit Venice: Each year Venice hosts over 20 million tourists. There are only 50,000 residents, so there will be a lot of tourists.

#2. The Price of a Gondola Ride: 80 euros during the day, maybe 100 euros at night and singing may cost extra.

#3. How Bad the Service is Because of So Many Tourists: you will not get the typical over the top friendly Italian service that you expect in Venice. There are parts of the city you can go to and still find that, but they are becoming less and less.

#4. You Will Get Lost in Venice & Love It: you may have a map and GPS on your phone, you will still get lost on the back streets and canals of Venice and you will love every moment of it. And if you are worried, just remember it is an island you will get back to a place you know soon enough.

#5. The Signage in Venice May Confuse You: two signs with the same destination pointing two different directions… You must be in Venice. Both those ways will get you to where they say, just different paths.

#6. Venice Floods and You May Need to Walk on Risers: Venice is an island and it is sinking and when they tide is high at certain times of the year the city will flood and you may be walking on raised platforms around the city and to certain landmarks.

#7. Public Transportation is By Boat: you will use boats to get around Venice, no buses, no taxis, just boats.

#8. 2 Euros to Pee in a Public Toilet: the public toilet situation in Venice is not a good one. So we recommend grabbing a gelato or an espresso and use the café’s bathroom you are visiting.

#9. Some Churches Won’t Let You in if You Are Dressed Inappropriately: short shorts or short skirts or sleeveless shirts may get you kicked out of line to go in to some churches in Venice, so make sure you are dressed for the part.

#10. There is More Than Just Venice in Venice: Murano, Burano, Beaches, Glass Blowing and a number of other towns nearby mean that when you visit Venice, there will be much more to see and do than wander the canals.

#11. How Much Cheaper it is to Stay off of Venice in Mestre or other Towns than Staying in Venice.

Filmed in Venice, Italy

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The Don’ts of Venice

The Shocks of Visiting Italy




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