BADM 320: Principles of Marketing

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Here is a breakdown of the BADM 320: Principles of Marketing Course

Exam 1 Study Guide: Videos & Topics for the 1st Exam – Tuesday Feb. 13, 2018 (conflict Thursday Feb 15)

Exam 2 Study Guide: Videos & Topics for the 2nd Exam – Tuesday March 27, 2018 (conflict Thursday March 29)

Exam 3 Study Guide: Videos & Topics for the 3rd Exam – Thursday April 26, 2018 (conflict Tuesday May 1)


The Syllabus for the Spring 2018 Semester

BADM 320: Principles of Marketing


Class Location: Foellinger Auditorium

Instructor: Dr. Mark Wolters


Twitter: @woltersworld                      Instragram: @woltersworld

Facebook:          YouTube:

Mailbox: 330E Wohlers Hall               Professor’s Office: 10 Wohlers Hall

Office Hours: Prof. Wolters Tuesdays (9:30-11:00) or directly after class or by appointment. Please come up to the podium to speak with the professor right after class. Please let the instructor know if you are coming to visit the office so he will be there. The evening before each exam the professor will have a live twitter feed and Q&A time via @woltersworld or to answer any last minute exam questions. Additionally, if technology permits there will be a YouTube Live Stream for one hour the night before each exam as well from 8pm-9pm.

Course Website and Social Media Sites: follow the “Business Courses” link for BADM 320 Principles of Marketing for class slides, summary videos and course information. Additionally, course topic blogs will be posted here. location of summary videos for class topics. Please subscribe in order to receive new class videos. for weekly class topics, course updates, in class discussion facilitation, please follow in order to keep up with class room discussions. “Like” Wolters World on Facebook: Class videos will be posted as well as discussion topics, Frequently Asked Questions & class announcements.

The course has a Compass 2G page for grade and announcement posting.

Lecture Times:

Tuesday and Thursday 8:00-9:20. Please attend the lecture, I know it is early, but it is more fun when there are actually students in the audience.

Teaching Assistants’ Information:

We do not have any TAs this semester.

Email for BADM 320 Questions:  

If you have questions about your grade you should contact Dr. Wolters in person

Objectives of the Course: The idea behind this course is to give students a solid base of marketing knowledge so no matter what area of business their careers take them, whether accountancy, finance, management, supply chain, marketing, advertising, non-profits, they have a firm understanding of the principles of marketing. Some of the definite objectives of the course are:

  • Define the role of marketing in a firm and how it can add value to a firm,
  • Give students a brief overview of the main areas of marketing so they will not be lost when discussing marketing among other executives,
  • Open students’ eyes to the tricks of the trade of marketing so that they can become better informed consumers.
  • Develop an understanding of the processes that companies go through to develop: marketing strategies, new products, pricing models, promotion & advertising strategies.
  • Give students a feel for the developing fields of online and social media marketing,
  • Give students of all disciplines a firm base of marketing knowledge that they can use in their future business careers.

Overview of the Course: with 650 plus students it is difficult to have in class discussions, therefore the majority of the course will be lecture based. Having said that all efforts will be made in order to foster in class discussions with the students with whom you sit, therefore it is important that you have a twitter/Instagram account to share information with the class during in class discussions. You are not required or graded on your social media posting in the class

Course Materials:

Required: BADM 320: Principles of Marketing Spring 2018. Mark Wolters. Stipes Publishing 2018. This is the only way to have the slides for the class and the attendance sheets/pop quizzes. Please bring to class each day as I will randomly take attendance using either pop quizzes or attendance sheets from the back of the book. You will need to have the Spring 2018 attendance sheets and no photocopies. Photocopies and loose leaf paper will not be accepted as attendance checks after the first exam.   

Recommended: Follow the class feed on Twitter for updates and in class discussion remarks.

Recommended: Subscribe to obtain the summary videos for class topics.

Recommended: “Like” Wolters World on Facebook for announcements, blog posts & summary video posts.

Required: Compass 2G login, class slides and information will be presented there as well as on the course webpage at (Business Courses à BADM 320).

  • Announcements will be posted in Compass in your announcement feed, please note any announcements as this is where any relevant notes or announcements will be placed.
  • If class changes or exam information is shared on Compass Announcements it is required for students to know. The professor will not accept “I didn’t see the announcement” as an excuse.

Additional Material for Students Who Would Like More Marketing Information: Marketing by Grewal and Levy, Fifth Edition, Principles of Marketing, University of Illinois, (2015, McGraw-Hill).There will be two books on reserve in the undergraduate library. If you wish to purchase this online book let the instructor know and he will supply you with a code for additional online study materials available through McGraw-Hill.   

Performance Evaluations:

Exam 1: 28% – Tuesday February 13th. The exam is taken during the class period in Foellinger Auditorium. Conflict exam will be held on Thursday February 15th at 6pm (this conflict date may be moved due to scheduling conflicts). Location of conflict exam to be announced.

Exam 2: 28% – Tuesday March 27th. The exam is taken during the class period in Foellinger Auditorium. Conflict exam will be held on Thursday March 29th at 6pm. Location of conflict exam to be announced.

Exam 3: 28% – Thursday April 26th. The exam is taken during the class period in Foellinger Auditorium. Conflict exam will be held on Tuesday May 1st at 6pm. Location of conflict exam to be announced.

Syllabus Quiz: 5% – In class quiz on the syllabus for BADM 320. Thursday January 25th in class. For students late registering for the course there is an alternate assignment. Please see me by February 13th if you would like to receive credit for the syllabus quiz if you registered late for the class. No makeup available otherwise. If late registering students or those who have not taken the syllabus quiz do not contact the professor by February 13th they will receive a ZERO for the syllabus quiz.

Participation/Attendance/Pop Quizzes: 11%. – There is a three attendance curve, students that miss over half of the attendance checks will receive an F in the course. I calculate the attendance grade (for students who come to over half of the attendance checks) as follows… (Number of Attendance Checks & Pop Quizzes You Did + 3) / Total Number of Attendance Checks & Pop Quizzes in the Semester. The attendance checks will be either with that attendance sheets or the pop quizzes found in the back of the required textbook BADM 320: Principles of Marketing Spring 2018 by Mark Wolters. You must use the sheets from the back of the book.   

Grading Scale:

A+ (96.45-100)                        A (92.45-96.44)                       A- (89.45-92.44)

B+ (86.45-89.44)         B (82.45-86.44)                       B- (79.45-82.44)

C+ (76.45-79.44)         C (72.45-76.44)                       C+ (69.45-72.44)

D+ (66.45-69.44)         D (62.45-66.44)                       D- (59.45-62.44)

F (59.44 and Below)

Students should review their grades on Compass to insure that there were no data entry errors when entering your grades. If you note a discrepancy please write about the issue. Note your full name, student number, the grade in question, and relevant information for the discrepancy. The grades at the end of the semester will be rounded up for example, a grade of 89.5 will round up to a 90 a final grade of A-, while a grade of 89.2 will be given a final grade of 89 B+.

COMPASS POINTS MEAN NOTHING: When calculating your grade for the class you should NOT, I repeat NOT use the total compass points. They are not weighted to take into account the exams versus quizzes. Not all Compass Points are created equal, therefore use only the scores in coordination with the syllabus to calculate your grades.

Extra Credit Options: 3% Maximum – choose one of two options

Write a 10 page strategic marketing plan (Max 3% depending on quality of work done) for a non-profit or not-for-profit group based in the Champaign-Urbana area or in your home community (think save the planet, help the community, make the world a better place organizations). Your job is to help out organizations that depend greatly on volunteers. You should help them determine their main marketing problems and issues and analyze their market and industry using the tools we learn in class. You should then give them recommendations on how they could improve their marketing and fundraising positions. Students must receive a specific OK on their choice of organizations from Prof. Wolters ( The non-profit strategic marketing plan extra credit must be turned in to Prof. Wolters (hard copy) as well as emailed to the organizations contact person and cc’d at the same time to Prof. Wolters by 9:00am Tuesday April 10th. Use, SWOT Analysis, Key Success Factors for their industry, Ansoff Matrix for recommendations and analyze their social media with recommendations. There will be an explanation on compass two weeks after the semester begins.

Participate in up to six (6) SONA Experiments throughout the semester. A link will be sent via Compass Announcements a few weeks into the semester. Sign up for studies as soon as you see them as there may not be enough studies for all students to get all six experiments. Each experiment that you complete will earn you 0.5% added onto your FINAL grade. The SONA signup website may say eight experiments, I will only accept six for extra credit. If you are in another class that also is giving extra credit via SONA experiments you will need to assign your points for each extra credit experiment before reading day at the end of the semester. You can assign points to different classes until reading day. The extra credit points will be assigned after reading day to your Compass grade sheet, not before as the instructor only receives the total experiment list after reading day. Please note if you skip two experiments you sign up for you will need to petition to be allowed to take further experiments.

Class Schedule: (Subject to Change if deemed necessary by instructor)

Day Date Topic Other Assignment
Tue 1/16 Intro to Course – Syllabus Intro Chapter Follow on Twitter

Subscribe on YouTube

Thur 1/18 Overview of Marketing Topic 1 “Like” on Facebook
Tue 1/23 Developing Marketing Strategies Topic 2 Follow on Instagram
Thur 1/25 Analyzing the Market Environment Topic 2 & 3 Syllabus for Quiz
Tue 1/30 Marketing Strategies Continued Topic 3
Thur 2/1 Business Career Fair – Online Course See Compass Get Job Career Fair Get a Job!
Tue 2/6 Digital Marketing Topic 4
Thur 2/8 Exam Review Bring Questions
Tue 2/13 Exam #1 – Topics 1, 2, 3 & 4 Exam in Class
Thur 2/15 Consumer Behavior Topic 5 Conflict Exam 6pm
Tue 2/20 Business to Business Marketing Topic 6
Thur 2/22 Global Marketing Topic 7
Tue 2/27 Segmentation, Targeting, Positioning Topic 8
Thur 3/1 Business Career Service Marketing Forum
Tue 3/6 Marketing Research Topic 9
Thur 3/8 Branding Topic 10
Tue 3/13 Branding – Exam Review Topic 10
Thur 3/15 Class Before Spring Break – Potpourri
Tue 3/20 SPRING BREAK – No Class Have Fun, But Be Safe!
Thur 3/22 SPRING BREAK – No Class
Tue 3/27 Exam #2 – Topics 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 & 10 Good luck!
Thur 3/29 New Product Development Topic 11 Conflict 6pm
Tue 4/3 Services: Intangible Products Topic 13
Thur 4/5 Pricing Concepts for Establishing Value Topic 13
Tue 4/10 Pricing Concepts for Establishing Value Topic 13 Save the World Projects Due, email & in class
Thur 4/12 Supply Chain Management Topic 14
Tue 4/17 Integrated Marketing Communications & Advertising Topic 15
Thur 4/19 Integrated Marketing Communications & Advertising Topic 15
Tue 4/24 Exam Review
Thur 4/26 Exam 3 – Topics 11, 12, 13, 14 & 15
Tue 5/1 Wrap Up – ICES & Awards. Have a great life and enjoy every day! Be Happy. Conflict 6pm
Thur No Class… classes are over… Say “HI!” at alumni functions I will be lonely
Tue We Have No Final Exam During Finals Week


Course Policies: The Instructor has the right to change the syllabus as seen fit to accommodate topics, classes, etc.

Grade Notification: Due to FERPA the Professor is not able to email you or respond by phone to your requests for your current grade standings. If you would like to know where your grade stands on any specific day please contact the professor ( about your desire to know your grade and then stop by for office hours (see above) for him to share your grade with you. You should be able to track your grade with your scores.

Attendance Policy: I truly enjoy teaching, especially when there are students in the classroom. So, please come. You are permitted to miss three (3) class attendance checks without any penalties, if you miss more than three you have to bring in an official note stating your reason for your fourth absence. If you are absent for more than half of the attendance checks during the semester you will fail the course (would your boss pay you if you only showed up half the time?). Additionally, please come to class on time. I will periodically check attendance to insure that students are attending; the manner in which attendance is checked is at the discretion of the professor. Also, if you use your first three absentees on hangovers giving me a letter for the 4th one for an interview does not really count. So choose wisely on your misses. Also, Attendance checks will take place in class and if you do not hand in your form when the other 500 students turn it in I will not accept it. Also, if you are found to be filling out a form for another student, all students (the turn-er-in-er and the missing student) involved will have their semester attendance grade marked down to ZERO. This is at the full discretion of the professor. You must use the attendance sheets found in the back of the BADM 320: Principles of Marketing Spring 2018 book.

Mobile Phones: Please set your phone to vibrate or off during the class period (and do not answer them if they do go off, you risk becoming the object of the class’ lecture). If you have an emergency where you need to be able to answer your phone during class please make me aware of the situation before class and sit in the back of the class so your slipping out to take the call does not disturb any other students.

Laptop/Facebook “updater” devices: I usually do not mind students having their laptops in class, however the past semester’s class turned into Facebook 320 and not BADM 320. I realize the class is in the morning, but your friends are not awake this early and there is no reason to check NSFW materials during class, therefore I prefer you fall asleep in class than check Facebook. If I catch you watching non-Wolters World videos in class I may be a bit upset and take points off of your grade.

Food/Drink Policy: The University of Illinois has a no food or drink policy for their classrooms and therefore no food or drinks are allowed in the lecture hall. Please do not make me come and eat your Twinkies. Unless, I give you food and then it is OK. Double standards are funny that way.

Common Courtesy Policy: Students are expected to show respect towards the other students, faculty and guest speakers in the course. These courtesies include respecting others’ opinions, giving full attention to presenters, acting in a professional manner with respect to external contacts, other students and faculty, also speaking in a low voice if speaking to others in class. If you are a disruption you will be asked to leave and your grade will be marked down 5% of the final grade for each dismissal. Refusal to leave or submit your name will lead to a further 10% decrease of your final grade. Additionally, if you are found to be harassing other students, teaching assistants or the professor, your case will be handed directly over to Dean Dahl. We have had some serious issues in the past and therefore we have a zero tolerance policy on threats, bullying and harassment.

Leaving the Lecture Hall: The lecture hall is rather full of students it is distracting and an annoyance for other students to have to move to let you out if you are to leave the class early, therefore leaving beforehand is frowned upon. If you do need to leave early please sit in the back of the classroom so as not to disturb other students. Please note if you do leave the lecture hall after the attendance check has been given and there is still a substantial portion of the class left you will lose your points for that day.

Plagiarism and Academic Dishonesty: Please do your own work. If it is found out that you copied, plagiarized, paid someone to do the work for you, used works from previous semesters you will receive a zero (0) on that assignment/exam. Also, if the act is severe further university action may be taken. This is further detailed in the Student Code. (Though I expect nothing but the best from all of you).

Special Accommodations: If you have any condition, such as a physical or learning disability, which will make it difficult for you to carry out the work as outlined above please, notify myself, Mark Wolters during the first week of the course and I will do my best to accommodate you. Requests for special accommodations will require documentation from the Disability Resources and Educational Services (DRES). If you are hearing impaired please let the professor know if you would like a summary text of the YouTube videos relating to course materials.

Emergency Procedures: In the case of tornado or other emergencies Wohlers Hall and the Armory both have designated tornado shelters in their basements. BIF is not set up as a tornado shelter; however the basement stairwells can be used in case of immediate emergency. In the case of fire note the stairwells. In the case of a shooter on the campus, lock down the classroom and move to a place of safety within the classroom. If you see a suspicious package please alert campus police immediately. For further safety instruction see the UIUC Campus website.

Enrollment in the Course: I do not have any control over enrollment in this course. If you need information on registering for the course please visit the Business Administration office in 350 Wohlers Hall.

Copyright Protection: The materials presented in class are copyrighted and are not allowed to be photographed, recorded, or any other form of reproduction in order to be sold or re-distributed. If this is found the person/institution that did such selling/re-distribution will be held legally accountable. If you use photocopies of the attendance sheets or pop quizzes you will not receive credit for those days.

Exam Policies:

Exam Questions: The questions on the exam will come from the chapters indicated by the professor. The exams are not cumulative; they will only focus on the material covered in the term between exams. The chapters listed in the schedule are a tentative list of what chapters will be covered in each exam, the professor reserves the right to change the chapters covered in the exam if time does not allow for certain materials to be covered. The exams will be multiple choice on Scantron answer sheets. I will announce the number of questions on the exam in the class preceding the exam (approximately 50 multiple choice questions are typical).

Exam Preparation: What should I study Professor? Please do not ask me this, I will tell you, “Why Everything Student O’Mine.” So, my recommendations are to read the class notes, read the class blogs found on watch the summary videos, read the cases and chapters and get a good night’s sleep before the exam (and have a healthy breakfast too).

Exam Day Etiquette:

  • Come Early: the exams are taken during the class period, the sooner everyone is seated the more time you will have to answer the exam,
  • Do Not Save Seats: The proctors, TAs and professor may indicate that you will need to move your seat during the exam in order to accommodate late arriving students, so please sit toward the center.
  • You May be asked to move seats due to various reasons. Please do so if asked.
  • Bring a Number 2 Lead Pencil (or more) as the exams are Scantron.
  • Bring your Photo ID to show the proctors at the end of the exam when you turn in your exam. If you do not have a Photo ID your exam will not be accepted (unless there are documented extenuating circumstances).
  • Do Not Get Up 30 Minutes Into the Exam: Other people are working and if you are trying to get out you may ruin their concentration. No one will be allowed to leave until 45 minutes into the exam.
  • The Exams Are Closed Book, Closed Internet, Closed Buddy, so prepare by reading the chapters, the notes, watching the summary videos and reading the summary blogs.
  • You Cannot Keep the Exam Book: I trust you, but I do not trust your roommate who will use your exam book for nefarious purposes. So you must turn your exam book in at the end of the exam with your Scantron answer sheet.
  • Once You Are Up, You Are Done: Once you have turned in your exam you cannot return to the exam room. So if you forget your jacket you get to wait until the class is over.
  • No Make Up Exams: You will need a letter from the emergency dean as well as a really good excuse for missing the exam. Only acceptable reasons will allow a student to take the make-up/conflict exam. Great-Third-Aunt-Removed-in-Ohio-You-Have-Not-Seen-In-20-Years do not count, I reserve the right to call and verify relationship and funeral home records. If you are found out to be lying… well… that would be just wrong and you will receive a ZERO on the exam. Also, please warn your grandmothers as on one previous exam date, I believe, no less than six grandmothers passed away and students needed to take the conflict exam. So keep your grandmothers safe during exam days.
  • Do Not Cheat: Many students will try to sit together in order to help other students out. If you are found to be in one of these groups your exam grade will be ZERO. So do not cheat, do not share answers, if you have problems with the vocabulary raise your hand and I will help. Asking your friend what a VCR is will get both of you a ZERO on the exam. Just ask the professor. You will be asked to move by a proctor or the professor. If you are warned again your exam will be taken away and you will receive a ZERO on the exam.

Let’s have a great semester and if you have any questions about the syllabus or the class please contact Dr. Wolters.




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