10 Things That Shock New Viewers to Wolters World

Hey There Fellow Travelers! We Are Working on fixing the website, hence the low tech version right now. But please know that we appreciate all of your views, support, subscriptions and t-shirt requests!

  1. Mark Really is Married to Jocelyn: Yep, it’s true. There is hope for all.
  2. Threats: We have received death threats and physical threats due to our Love & Hates of Different Destinations YouTube series.
  3. We Don’t Just Visit Places: we have lived and worked around the world. Mark lived abroad for over a decade working & studying around the world, he has spent the past twenty plus years exploring the world and making mistakes along the way that he can share with other travelers. Basically, he has had to get cable and pay taxes in a number of countries. Jocelyn has lived abroad and even gave birth abroad, Caleb has spent time in a Portuguese pre-school, learned how to eat chopsticks in China, and his favorite song as a child was “Haribo macht Kinder froh” from the German candy company Haribo. Oh, and the littlest Liam was born abroad and only got to the US as his sixth country.
  4. The Low Level of Production Value of Wolters World Videos: as Mark edits all the videos on his own and does not have much of a cinematography background, it kind of shows in the production and editing value of the videos.
  5. Jocelyn is Scared to Fly: Yes, you are not the only person who is scared to fly. Half of the Wolters World team is scared to fly.
  6. We Travel as a Family: We take the kids with us as much as we can. Every school holiday or long weekend we try to get the kids to new destinations around the world.
  7. The Fat Guy’s Name is Mark, not Wolter: Many people don’t realize that the presenter in the videos name is Mark, not Wolter. Wolters is our family name.
  8. Not our Day Job: Wolters World Travel & Culture is not our day job. Mark is a professor by day and travel vlogger by night.
  9. Mark Used to Be Quite Skinny: Jocelyn is an amazing cook and Mark has no willpower.
  10. Our Fans & Supporters: We have some of the best and most supportive fans and viewers on YouTube and we say Thank you to them!


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  • My husband and I love your channel! We have started traveling to Europe and you are our go-to channel for information. Thank you for taking the time to do such wonderful videos on traveling. A Happy and Healthy New Year to you and your family! P.S. We are going to London in the fall…

    • Thank you Vicki!!! We really appreciate that you use our videos to help out with your travels! We may be in London in the fall as well. Its a bit damp but still a good time to visit.

  • We will be in Barcelona in October and I was searching for info when I came across your YouTube videos. I am now addicted to your channel! Thanks for all the wonderful content and I hope to visit some of the locations you have reviewed.

  • I would like to know Jocelyn’s favorite Italian toothpaste. Your videos are very helpful and kept me safe from pickpockets in Italy.

  • Love your channel. I encourage my friends who want to travel to check you out. Prior to traveling to Europe by myself in 2016 I found you guys to be very helpful. I would like to see more videos on Zagreb, Croatia

  • I really enjoy your travel videos; I have picked up some great advice, and great reminders from them.

    Would love to see an in-depth video on how to find the cheapest airfare. As well as the hazards that come with some cheap airfares… like 12 hour layovers, or more than one layover. I always wonder if it’s worth it to subscribe to “Scott’s Cheap Flights”.

    Keep them coming, and safe travels!

  • You are my go to channel. I work from home so I tend to have something on the background. I would say you are on at least once every day. I also have a smart TV so its not just in my office but also in the living room.

    Last year was Paris and next month its Italy and both times I used your videos quite heavily to determine where and what to do and how to not to stand out like the typical American.

    For example until I saw you mention it I never thought about the fact that the American Baseball hat is not so universal. Makes sense but its little things like that tip that I just never thought about. So my White Sox hat stayed home.

    Thanks for great videos and I think your low production value is appealing. Hiring a beautiful model to wear their $500 well chosen Patagonia gear and film with the latest camera against the finest vista is sometimes a bit of fantasy. Its champagne wishes and caviar dreams (did i date myself there?). Seeing a guy that looks like me and a kid running around filming on his handheld camera make me think “if he can visit there then i can do it as well”

    Thanks again.

  • I do enjoy your videos and raved about them to my husband and friends. Keep up the good work. I just have to ask you one question on answer to which will depend my continued support and subscription ( and I understand you don’t wont to share any political views here but this is very important to me). There is war between Ukraine and Russia both informational and real with thousands killed on both sides. What your stand on it? I am giving you my E-mail so you can answer me personally if you do not want to share this publicly and I promise not to disclose this info.

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